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About Us


The end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s were years of profound changes for the Langa del Barolo that led its wines to be known all over the world and its territory to be an increasingly important destination for eno-gastronomic tourism. Often this transformation has coincided with the entry of new generations into the company.

The turning point for the Attilio Ghisolfi company was 1988. Until then the company had a mixed economy, based on the production of fruit and wine grapes. However, bottled wine production was a marginal part. With the entry of Gianmarco into the company, the production structure changes.

The first “Attilio Ghisolfi” label is born and gradually the wines produced begin to be marketed in bottles. In a few years the land planted with orchards was converted to vineyards. 

New land particularly suited for the cultivation of Nebbiolo was acquired and the company grew in size. All this with only one goal: to produce wines of indisputable quality. The graphic aspect of the label is not considered fundamental, on the contrary the label is deliberately simple; "The speaker is the wine...".

With 2020 comes a breath of fresh air, new ideas and new goals. The world has changed, the lifestyle has changed. The consumer is increasingly social, more attracted to images than written texts…, and so we decided to communicate and summarize on the label, with a metaphorical image, what our growth path and our goals have been.

Nebbiolo was the means that allowed us to emerge and make someone talk about “Attilio Ghisolfi” and his wines.


So we thought of representing Nebbiolo as a grape that turns into a hot air balloon. The balloon rises and "drags" with it, slowly, "the man" depicted as small and blurred, who wants to represent the difficulties, the uncertainties, the hardships we have faced in our growth path.

The star represents dreams, goals, the goal to be achieved. Like the man who reaches the summit or lands on the moon and plants a flag there, we have imagined that flag as a star and, in the most important wines where the goal is quality at the highest levels, we have depicted the man who climbing up the slope / grape, he tries to reach and catch the star.

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