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Monforte is a medieval village. Its name comes from the castle walls that surrounded its top (Mons Fortis). It has a very ancient history, in fact traces of settlements dating back to the Neolithic period and fragments of the Roman era have been found in its territory, but perhaps the most important part of the history of this town was the siege and consequent deportation of the inhabitants, guilty of Catara heresy, by the Archbishop of Milan.

Today it is one of the 11 countries where Barolo is produced.

The territory of Monforte has a very varied terroir, ranging from areas with a greater concentration of sand to points with a high presence of very compact brown-grey marl. The period of formation of these lands dates back to 10 – 12 million years ago (Tortonian period).

Limited to the western part of the territory, in the areas bordering Novello there are marine deposits called "Marls of S. Agata" made up of finely stratified greyish clays. In the highest part of Bussia in the direction of Perno and Castelletto there are also areas characterized by a layer of sandstone (Arenarie di Diano d'Alba) characterized by layers of fine sand, sometimes very thick, alternating with layers of light gray or brownish up to 10 cm thick.


The Cellar and the Terroir

The land in which our vineyards are located is very heterogeneous.

  • Vineyard Peschiera where there is a high percentage of sand and where it is extremely easy to find marine fossil residues. Here are our Nebbiolo and Cabernet vineyards.

  • Vineyard Fantini where the soil is mainly sandy, similar to the soils of the Castelletto area (Marne di Diano d'Alba). Here are our Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyards which in the past, before a landslide that largely destroyed the vineyard, were used to produce our Barolo Riserva Fantini. Today, since these are still very young vines, Barolo Bussia is produced.

  • Vineyard Maggiora where the soil has a strong clay composition. It is entirely cultivated with Barbera.

  • Vineyard Bricco Visette, Vineyard Ciabot Minat and Vineyard Tornetta: sandy veins are flanked by areas with a high concentration of clay and widespread limestone formations. Here we produce our Baroli.

  • Vineyard Bovi: vineyard located at the base of the Visette hill. Here the soil is clayey with frequent limestone formations. This is a young vineyard used to produce Langhe Nebbiolo.


Our Vineyard

  1. Bovi Vineyard - Grape variety: Nebbiolo

  2. Tornetta vineyard - Grape variety: Nebbiolo

  3. Bricco Visette vineyard - Grape variety: Nebbiolo

  4. Maggiora vineyard - Grape variety: Barbera

  5. Maggiora vineyard - Grape variety: Barbera

  6. Maggiora vineyard - Grape variety: Nebbiolo

  7. Peschiera Vineyard  - Grape variety: Cabernet

  8. Peschiera Vineyard  - Grape variety: Nebbiolo

  9. Maggiora vineyard - Grape variety: Barbera

  10. Fantini vineyard- Grape variety: Nebbiolo

  11. Ciabot Minat vineyard - Grape variety: Nebbiolo

Vigna Bovi
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